How the Race Works

If you are wondering how Minnesota's Most Thrilling race works, watch the informational video and read the rules below. 


Official 2018 Hopkins Running of the Bulls Rules

It is important to read through and understand all rules before running in the race. If any rules are broken, the participant is likely to be disqualified and potentially even banned from future competitions. 

Proper Clothing

Participants must wear closed toe shoes, the official running of the bulls shirt and either shorts or pants. All white outfits are strongly encouraged along with red bandannas, however not required. 


Only one pin per flag. Must be pinned on back of shirt. One bonus flag from each flag sponsor allowed. No duplicates. Participants are only allowed to secure the flag with a pin. You are not allowed to hold the flag on your body, or hide in a pocket or under any piece of clothing. May not interfere with bulls attempting to pull a flag other than evasion. 


Remain behind the starting line before the race begins, must stay on the street of course. Venturing onto the sidewalk is not allowed.

Rules Cont.


Evading bulls is allowed, however contact with bulls is not allowed. 

Team Strategy

Running in a team is allowed, however, creating a human shield for one or more runners is prohibited. All runners must be spaced out by at least one foot.

Have Fun!

The point of this race is to have fun, while we encourage a competitive aspect of the race, please remember we are all here for an awesome time. Be cool.